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The Most Popular Non-Tobacco
Herbal Smoke In The World

Experience this Classic Multi-Use product
and "Ride to the Stars on a Puff of Smoke"
*Enjoyed in a HOOKAH, favored in a TRADITIONAL PIPE
or rolled in an HERBAL CIGARETTE- the Atmospheric Herbal
"Wizard Smoke" © is a Premium time tested Customer Favorite

Non-smokers may also be burned ceremonially or used as a smudge for purification and spiritual cleansing

Wizard Smoke is the Eighth Wonder of the Smoking World!

Highly respected by Smoking enthusiests for decades, Enjoy the Magical presence as you ``Blow a Smoke Ring to the Stars``

Granted a UNITED STATES PATENT – The Wizard Smoke “Fresh Pack” Rolling Kit is so unique it will Inspire Your Customers to Take a Walk on the Wild side
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Wizard Smoke is a multi-dimentional smoking herb popular for decades. Stimulate your customers interest with this ethereal multi-use product- and profit while you share a little magic. Discover how Wizard Smoke has even found a place with the non-smoker for use in cleansing and energy work. Its potential for personal expansion will always remain a topic for discussion but one thing is certain, ultra Wizard Smoke will always leave an impression. Reaching the status of cult phenomenon among the metaphysical elite does not dissuade its creators from one of the products original objectives… To put the user in balance with mother Earth’s universally balancing energies. Build your Loyal customer base with this magical “awe inspiring” herbal product. “Ultra Wizard Smoke offers a smoking experience of a unique vibratory level of delight, ultimately illuminating many stopping posts for contemplation of the great unraveling mysteries of life.”

Herbal Wizard Smoke plexi-glass Display caseConceived, planted, harvested, cured, packaged and shipped by a highly skilled and dedicated staff ensures supreme quality in every box. This high regard for excellence may be why ultra Wizard Smoke triggered a series of inferior competing products from other “fly by night” companies. At one time it had even been counterfeited, but fortunately all wrongdoers have been caught and shut down. Imitation is however the best form of flattery.  Needless to say the enormous impact of the one and only “true” Wizard’s brand has sparked enormous continued demand. This is undeniably the world’s premium natural smoke.

An ancient product as mysterious as its origins, the fact remains this is a material of supreme transformational capacity, yet limited availability. You will not find its secrets in any readily available literature, and recommendation and accolades for its benefits still travel between the whispers of the initiated. It is undeniably respected by tobacconists and herbalists alike. Herbal Wizard Smoke remains the best product of its kind ever offered in public or private circles. Packaged in one ounce cans Ultra Wizard Smoke is provided in a cut suitable for pipe smoking, vaporizing, or ritualistic burning and is also available in the 1/3 ounce “fresh pack rolling kit” (patented) complete with rolling papers and a retractable rolling tray. This natural herbal smoking product has most assuredly proven its worthiness through a “baptism of fire” and remains as groundbreaking today as when it was first introduced nearly 24 years ago. We invite you to discover the many secrets revealed through this amazing gift of nature.

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