Are all Herbal Smoking products the same? Read on to discover the answer....

With the immense popularity of herbs used for many new functions, it is not surprising that herbs utilized for smoking would grow in popularity as well. People may want an herbal smoke because they do not wish to smoke traditional cigarettes or tobacco. They may want to smoke for ritualistic, meditative, or shamanistic functions. They may prefer certain natural qualities of herbs or may be simply curious. With the demand for quality smokes exceeding market availability for sustainable respectable options it can be difficult distinguishing levels of efficacy when considering legal herbs for smoking.

A hoard of opportunistic, ill-informed, and occasionally immoral businesses purporting to offer “the best herbal smoking products ever” have littered the Internet with a low-quality, and oftentimes unsafe plant-based materials. Such ingredients of the so-called herbal formulations stem from grossly inaccurate sources. Chemicals, food coloring, brown sugar and even more harmful caustic substances have been mixed in kitchens and garages and sold to a victimized public. The worst offenders have originated from the East Coast where they put up website after website marketed almost exclusively by black hat Programming promising to offer the most popular legal smokes in the world. When attempting to solicit our services for product creation, or consultation the same companies (who stem from one parent organization) have personally admitted that no one ever buys from them more than once. That is an open admission of the trusting public getting burned.

Supreme and rare smoking herbs can solicit a deeply intense and personal experience. The craft of producing an herbal smoking product such as ultra Wizard smoke has been a labor of love and nothing short of a sacred process while communing with mother nature to reveal her secrets.

Some smoking herbs are an offshoot of the historical burning of Temple incense for the purpose of balance and inner peace, and to create a state to commune with the divine according to ancient literature. Accelerating this age old practice into a modern commercially available product can be difficult, and explains why there is such a wide gap ranging from exotic smoking herbs to common cooking herbs masquerading as something they are not. One such example would be Damiana. A common herb found in Mexico and often used in culinary preparations. Due to the immense misinformation about this herb supposedly containing marijuana like qualities across the Internet- myth is created on top of fiction. Once laced with illicit chemicals, and sold for smoking, Damiana gained a tainted reputation that is unwarranted. It can still be purchased in ethnic supermarkets for $.99, purchased in health food stores in capsule form for under $10 yet has been crucified in the media for possessing some nefarious effect if smoked in a cigarette or pipe. It does no such thing. It has also been a common ingredient in standard over the counter herbal cigarettes for years.

Another herbalsmoke ingredient found in herbal blends his lobelia. Moderately effective when properly used in natural stop smoking formulas because it causes discomfort when combined with tobacco, therefore nicotine, lobelia also has the unsightly ability to cause the user to disgorge. A perfect example of the irresponsible herbal combinations used by untrained, ill-informed Internet-based companies looking to cash in on a trend.

Consider this fact: Herbal Wizard Smoke became popular through its retail support over many years through stores where its legion of smoking aficionados has grown to include some of the largest retail tobacco, gift, smoke shop, and metaphysical establishments. The creators have discouraged customers from purchasing smoking products on the internet whenever possible and the best products come recommended in person over the counter from trusted herbalists and tobacconists. Such respected stores can provide wisdom from years of familiarity governing what constitutes an exemplary smoking experience.

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