How to smoke

Considerations for optimal enjoyment of your natural herbs

Natural Herbs and Wizard Smoke pipe image

As practitioners in what we would like to refer to as the smoking arts, is it warranted or even helpful to offer advice on how to achieve the most satisfaction when smoking any particular botanical? Because we have differing opinions on a variety of common practices in use today we have assembled the following tips.

    1. 1) Storage- Optimal storage of any newly opened smoking material will ensure consistency in your smoking experience. We have seen self-proclaimed so-called experts recommend leaving their smoke -even Wizard smoke out of the package in open air for extended periods of time. Over night or even for days. There is no practical reason conceivable for such actions, only to allow the weather conditions of your region to prematurely remove the flavor, plant oils, and freshness we strive to retain for proper burning etc. The patented Wizard smoke box itself is a tri-layer airtight pack painstakingly designed to maintain its contents for extended periods. The Wizard smoke “pop fresh” cans are airtight as well and protect your herbal smoke for a considerable shelf life.

      2) Grinders- Although herb grinders have grown in popularity, their necessity is so rare we have very few good things to say about them-except in limited circumstances. Again having observed the improper use of grinders used with ultra Wizard smoke prior to even considering the cut level of the product “as is” we would suggest that grinder usage has a tendency to break the free flow of a handrolled cigarette, produce unwanted particles and residue in a hand pipe, and are not always a good idea insomuch as they change the burning properties as well of any given material. Perhaps they are little more than a fad.

      1. Our fresh pack rolling kit (boxed product) is painstakingly cured and cut for optimum rolling to ensure a smooth draw, consistent burn and optimum flavor while retaining the plants all important natural characteristics. While the canned version of ultra Wizard smoke contains a pipe cut, preferable for larger bowl usage - this material can certainly be hand groomed to ensure a similar cut resembling that of our box. In this form you can easily “pinch” the material apart for rolling, pipe usage, preparation for an herbal vaporizer and even use in a hookah. Very versatile.

      1. 3) Frequency- Intended for occasional sophisticated adult usage, A little really goes a long way.

      If you are a master roller enough said. But if you prefer convenience and like gadgets the way we do then a really good rolling machine is a great smoking accessory. We offer the proper size roller with a lifetime guarantee, and even stand behind our claim that it is the finest quality rolling machine on the market. We searched far and wide to compare the pros and cons of each available roller and think you will agree ours is a keeper for life.



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