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​Magical Herbs and their Historical Frequency Dynamics

Magical herbs accentuated in charms, amulets, tinctures, potions, or a variety of other concoctions have found their way into cultures of all walks of life for thousands of years. Elixir's taken internally, poultices applied externally, or herbal assisted energy work in all its forms can possess magical and/or natural qualities of healing, transformation, i.e. manifested outcome. There is the occasional thin veil of distinction between supposed modern-day science and the art of the magical practitioner as plants continue to bridge the gap from the ethereal to the scientific- from the linear cause and effect relationship of the scientist, to a more integrated understanding of the mechanism of creation itself by the seasoned adept.

Magical Energy and Herbs

The age-old medicine man or the somewhat enlightened modern-day physician at his/her best share a parallel in transforming seemingly intangible organic material into a manifested physical result. What was once exclusive to the realm of magic has occasionally been encroached upon by modern-day science. But the fact seems to be conveniently ignored that science gains its healing drugs from herbs, often times the same herbs used for a similar holistic function with a long rich history of record. Yet although the wisdom of the ancients may be partially hijacked and limited by modern medicinal function, the true potential of any given plant remains obfuscated because the so called modern scientist excludes so many well established principals of the natural world. This seeming oversight is easy for the metaphysically inclined to grasp yet most of the contemporary populace have a difficult if not impossible time connecting a similar comparative to the concept of resonant frequencies.

Corresponding frequencies in nature can be considered a higher function of physical alteration by molecular order when thoughts, action, or focused energy are applied towards a specific purpose. A component of this correspondence in regard to the quantum world would be what is considered "the observer effect". A magical result is infinitely more likely when executed by a practitioner familiar with the mechanics of higher-level nonphysical frequency. The ether's surrounding nature, roots, leaves, flowers, accentuated by blessings prayers rituals etc. can be charged and accelerated towards a specific function and even given life towards a chosed causational application in this manner.

It is here the art of conjuring can be given a baseline by utilizing herbs or a variety of specific plant components in various forms as a springboard for energy expansion based on originating frequency. It is to this purpose that any given plant's natural tendencies should be understood for the purpose of exponentially accelerating their inherent energetic capacities.

To be continued...​

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