The inherent desire to re-establish a sacred connection to Earth as a giver of life has been symbolized metaphorically by the health movement over the last several decades , and capitalized upon literally by the proliferation of health food store chains selling billions of dollars worth of "new" herbal supplements and plant derived solutions for the masses. The demand for more and more products to solve all of life's afflictions has been a point of progress in some areas, and a return to the dark ages in other areas of botany, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and even in medicinal herb practice.


A new age magical herbal offering

The contrasting schools of thought regarding herbal function of  metaphysical or naturopathic modalities, or the isolated pharmaceutical replacement of supposed flawed ​physical mechanisms such as glandular/cellular/hormonal/neurological etc. systems lacking in the body are differentiated by  a propensity for pre-concieved notions of separation of the mind-body-spirit concept.  This duality distinction surrounding concepts such as Gaia Philosophy  reflects a general western perception of the functioning of the physical body acting independent from the whole-irregardless of any harmony connected to the creation process of life itself . Instead of a unified energy balance being restorative by working with magical herbs and nature, modern western concepts of herbology oftentimes still convey a mindset of distance from the regenerative role a body represents to its owner. Thus we have group consciousness beliefs dictating what is or is not possible in the mainstream of the west regarding health. Traditional plants harvested for the New Age of modern herbalism, their benefits in a modern culture, and possible over-sites and reflections on spiritual New Age movements and how they relate to the plant kingdom will be the topic of this article.

To be continued....​

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