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Retail Excellence

Get your *Free herbal Wizard Smoke Display ​New plexiglass “POP” (point of purchase) display to show off and catch the attention of your customers looking for something truly special.Currently FREE with your qualifying opening order Call 1 870 MAGICK6 and […]

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Cans (Pipe Cut)

Depending upon customer preference Wizard Smoke made available in cans is generally considered most suitable for pipe smoking. Additionally those wanting herbal product in bulk for burning in ritual, meditation, energy cleansing etc. may also prefer the convenience and pricing […]

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Roll Your Own (Boxes)

The “Roll Your Own” boxes of Ultra Wizard Smoke are so convenient and functional they have been granted a patent from the United Stared Government. With a retractable rolling tray inside, and rolling papers built  right in the side of […]

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An American Tradition

Immensely popular for decades, Ultra Wizard Smoke has remained an underground favorite.  While growing steadily in popularity through retail outlets that offer this one of a kind herbal smoke, there has even been a mythology created surrounding its origins. Believed […]

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