An American Tradition
  • herbwizardamerican

Project Description

Immensely popular for decades, Ultra Wizard Smoke has remained an underground favorite.  While growing steadily in popularity through retail outlets that offer this one of a kind herbal smoke, there has even been a mythology created surrounding its origins.

Believed to be the material alluded to throughout historical literature for its magical capacity to transform the user into inter-dimentional contemplation, we can only surmise this accusation is a half truth. Indeed customers have veraciously defended the products substantial contributions to alternative culture, while the steady growth in mainstream popularity challenges this exclusivity to the mystical elite.

While challenging its legion of aficionados to “Blow a Smoke Ring to the Stars” one thing is certain. Wizard Smoke has branded its mark deeply into American Culture by quietly selling hundreds of thousands of units to appreciative crowds at festivals, music events, cultural revivals, metaphysical functions and beyond. Wizard Smoke has made and indelible mark in the underpinnings of American culture earning the respect and attention from the biggest players in the smoking industry today. Tou-che’

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