Cans (Pipe Cut)
  • Wizard Smoke Can

Project Description

Depending upon customer preference Wizard Smoke made available in cans is generally considered most suitable for pipe smoking. Additionally those wanting herbal product in bulk for burning in ritual, meditation, energy cleansing etc. may also prefer the convenience and pricing of the resealable cans.

The herbal Wizard product from cans is a bulkier cut which packs well in a traditional pipe, however in may certainly be rolled in a cigarette or used in a vaporizer or Hookah by slightly pinching to size between the fingers to suite your application.

To discover more secrets about ensuring a smooth draw, consistent burn and optimum flavor while retaining the plants all important natural characteristics see our how to smoke herbal article.  This goes into detail with a few of our tips, tricks, and best practices for enjoying your herbal Wizard Smoke.