Select either the "Fresh Pack Rolling Kit' box which comes with rolling papers built right in the side of the box, complete with retractable rolling tray. Or choose the "Pop Fresh Can" containing the pipe cut version of Ultra Wizard Smoke.

Offer your clients something truly special when you carry the "Ultra Wizard Smoke" line.

The portability and convenience of the Wizard Smoke box, with its built in rolling paper slide compartment, and the slide out rolling tray make this greatly improved version of a cigarette pack highly unique and multifunctional. The enclosed herbal smoke product has been specially cut to facilitate easy rolling and optimal burning characteristics ​for ultimate satisfaction.

The Wizard Smoke "Can" contains approx. an ounce of the famous miraculous smoke. Containing a rough cut, or slightly thicker version optimized for pipe smoking or ritual burning usage. Although perfectly suitable for rolling similar to the boxed version, the Wizard Smoke cans offer customers the option of hand preparing their smoking mixture for a variety of uses ranging from-

  • Traditional Pipe Use
  • Herbal Vaporizer usage
  • Hand Rolling for herbal cigarettes
  • Ritual burning ie alone, on charcoal, or as a smudge

The new point of purchase Herbal Smoke display features the "Wizard Smoke" fresh pack rolling kit. The perfect size for counter top display, or even next to your register compliment the uniqueness of your store with this top selling specialty product customers come back for again and again.

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